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15 nov. Dans son préambule, la Constitution((Tous les articles cités proviennent de The Constitution of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, The. Intitulé officiel du pays: Communauté des Bahamas ou Commonwealth of the Religions: Le christianisme occupe une place importante dans le pays. Retrouvez de nombreuses informations culturelles pour mieux préparer votre voyage aux Bahamas avec Voyageurs du Monde.

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Religion in Bahamas. Though traditionally much of the Bahamian culture was based on the system of beliefs introduced into the Island by the African slaves, today most of the islanders follow mainstream Christianity. However, everyday life does have a sprinkling of the popular folk religion ‘obeah’, which can be compared to the Haitian voodoo. Religion, Myth & Folklore in Bahamas advertisement. Many different factors contributed to the formation of a potent and vital body of myths within The Bahamas. Among the strongest factors were the nation's unusual geography, its noteworthy history, and the often turbulent mingling of cultures. Some tales are a mélange of about a half dozen. Most people of Bahamas are Christian. Also there are some Muslims and fewer Hindus. To attend church on Sunday is a norm for most Bahamans. They have a Bible at home or at work to read in their spare time. There different Christian denominations in Bahamas: Baptist, Church of God, Methodist, Lutheran, Roman Catholic and others. Religion. Just over two thirds of the Bahamas' population is Protestant with Baptists making up a third of the total population. Another 14% is Roman Catholic and another 15% adhere to other forms of Christianity. Protestantism is a general term referring to nearly every Christian religion that is not Catholic or Orthodox. English is the official language of The Bahamas, with a local dialect called ‘Bahamianese or Bahamian Dialect’ being spoken colloquially. Bahamians are deeply religious and Christianity is the predominant religion practised in the country. However, the Bahamian Constitution guarantees freedom of expression. BAHAMAS RELIGION

Bahamas Religion